Hey my name is Chris Linnitt. Performance Coach, Amputee and Lawyer. 

My tip for you is whenever I start working with a new client I always share the same advice. My advice is this, you are powerful and come equipped with all the tools you need to excel on all levels. It’s my goal to help you access and amplify these tools both internally and externally. 
Everyone’s journey is different. 
It is important to first find out what motivates you, so for me that’s always the starting point. Once I understand what lights a fire in you, I can then start to build a programme that is uniquely tailored to you. Remember a goal without a plan is just a wish. With everyone I work with, I establish clear expectations and layout a game plan so I know where we are going and why we are doing what we are doing. Once the why and the how is established, consistency is key, be patient and trust the process. Small wins lead to major wins over time. Remember the journey is truly the reward. When you see progress and when you take time to acknowledge your effort, that’s when you find the motivation to keep going. That’s how you reach that BIG big goal and stay invested in your next goal too. Roger Federer didn’t become the best tennis play in history overnight. Be proud of where you are and most importantly be proud of making the commitment to show up. That is just one of my training tips. 
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